We are all aware that a single sample doesn’t necessarily result in quality in production. To ensure a RIGA quality assured product is delivered , a series of dimensional, build and strength batch tests are provided to be applied either at source production or on receipt of goods. For every product produced a RIGA label – these are electronic with a URN and issue date is provided. Any product in the market bearing the RIGA label can be identified on the RIGA website to clarify authenticity and supplier information. FSC sourced timber is used for manufacturing.

"Like a chassis number on a car."

As well as our own severe RIGA tests, we adhere to the following British standards of furniture testing:


1) BS EN 15372:2008

2) BS EN 16139:2013

3) BS 4875-1:2001

4) BS EN 1728:2012

5) BS EN 1730:2012

6) BS EN 581-1:2006

7) BS EN 1022:2005


Furniture strength, durability and safety requirement for
non-domestic tables.

Furniture strength, durability and safety requirement for domestic

Strength and stability of furniture levels 1-5.

Furniture seating - test methods for the determination of strength and

Furniture tables - test methods for the determination of stability,
strength and durability.

Outdoor furniture - seating and tables for camping, domestic and
contract use. General safety requirement.

Domestic furniture - seating determination of stability.

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